Mastering Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) & AI Security Boot Camp

The course "Mastering Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) & AI Security Boot Camp" at Trivera Technologies is an intensive 3-day boot camp designed for professionals eager to deepen their knowledge in machine learning and AI security. This course bridges the gap between data science and operations teams, delivering continuous collaboration and integration to drive the efficient production of AI models. It covers topics ranging from MLOps introduction, tools, and techniques, to advanced AI security concepts. Participants engage in hands-on workshops under the guidance of AI security experts, exploring a wide range of topics and labs. The course culminates in practical skills in operationalizing and securing machine learning workflows, implementing best practices in model management, and understanding ethical considerations in AI Security. This course is ideal for data scientists, machine learning engineers, IT security professionals, data ops engineers, technical leads, and managers overseeing machine learning projects.


Starting date





16 hours
32 minutes


4 weeks
120 Hours



About the course

Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one. The skill you need to become a real professional. Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals. Boost your confidence, master the field.

Practical approach

Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. Our students' success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.

Globally oriented

Strategies shared and knowledge earned allows our students to immediately set up their business and start offering their services around the globe.

For your career

Whether you want to boost your career within the company you are working or grow at your own business by applying the latest strategies we teach, this is the way.

Course Lessons

John Davis

Dr. Ernesto Lee possesses over a decade of experience in the field of information technology and data analytics, serving in key roles within diverse organizations. His career spans across innovative startups, dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises, and established large corporations. As the Chief Information Officer at Trivera Technologies and a Professor of Data Analytics at Miami Dade College, he specializes in system architecture, data strategy, and analytical processes. Dr. Lee is known for his adeptness in fostering leadership and team development, guiding them to harness their capabilities, embrace change, and drive growth. His mentorship and teaching are rooted in a profound comprehension of individual strengths, learning styles, interpersonal dynamics, and the unique requirements of each team he leads or teaches.