Java 11 to 17 Migration (TT2135-GKJ)

Revitalize Your Coding Routine! Master the user-friendly features of Java 17 to boost productivity, streamline your code management, and revolutionize your development processes.

Online; Instructor-Led

Date & Hours

1 day, July 10
9:00am - 5:00pm UK


Peter Schmitz,
Trivera Technologies



Get hands-on with  the new features of Java 17 that can significantly enhance your coding efficiency day-to-day!

"I'm a Java developer familiar with Java 11. I have to move quickly and smoothly into working with Java 17. How can upgrading to Java 17 boost my productivity, enhance code management, and streamline project updates?" We have the answer!

Java is packed with exciting and innovative features that make it a substantial upgrade over Java 11. It's designed to help developers like you become more productive, manage code more efficiently, and streamline project updates. Think of Java 17 as a robust, advanced toolkit that enhances how you handle data, improves text management, and secures your code.  With Java 17, features like Records, Sealed Classes, and enhanced Pattern Matching are not just new tools; they are pivotal enhancements that simplify and improve your coding practices. Java 17 acts as a smart, dependable partner in your development process, helping you to organize and upgrade your coding tasks seamlessly.

Guided by our engaging instructor, you’ll learn how to master these new features effectively.
This course goes deep into the practical aspects of Java 17, ensuring you leave equipped with the skills and confidence needed to integrate these advancements into your daily tasks. You’ll be amazed at how much more efficient and productive you can be with Java 17, making a significant impact on your projects and reducing time and effort dramatically. You’ll also learn how to implement these features in a way that is mindful of best practices, ensuring safe and responsible coding.

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Experience is Everything. Get real-time feedback and guidance throughout. Learn from our engaging Java experts in a fun, effective way. Gain the practice and confidence needed to apply your new skills right away.

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Ready-Set-Go! Our responsive teaching style lets us drill down on what's most valuable to you and focus on your goals. We'll make sure you leave the course feeling confident and job-ready.

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We're in it for the Long Haul. Access rich resources, best practices guides, tip sheets and plenty of after-class practice activities to continue to build your skills. After class support with our live team is included.