Transforming Bus Ops with Cutting-Edge AI Apps / AI for Business Users Part 2 (TTAI2006): 6/3/24

Boost Your Core AI for Business Skills! Get hands-on with next-level AI tools to optimize workflows, enhance collaboration, elevate customer service, and make data-driven decisions in your organization.

Online; Instructor-Led

Date & Hours

June 03 - 05;
10am - 6pm Eastern


Mick Knutson

Trivera Technologies



Learn advanced prompting, document handling, and AI-driven content creation to elevate your business capabilities!

"I'm a business professional eager to integrate advanced AI tools into our operations. How can learning these skills from this course transform our workflows, improve customer interactions, and boost our team's productivity?"  We have the answer!

AI is transforming how everyone in a business operates in today's digital landscape. It empowers all professionals, from team members to decision-makers, to enhance their efficiency, improve customer experiences, and foster a culture of innovation. Think of AI as a versatile toolkit that boosts your business’s capabilities, from automating routine tasks to creating personalized customer interactions. With advanced AI tools, features like prompt crafting, document manipulation, and data analysis are not just improvements; they are strategic enhancements that redefine your approach to daily business activities.

Guided by our industry-expert instructors, you’ll learn to effectively utilize these capabilities. This course covers the practical aspects of AI in business, ensuring you leave equipped with the knowledge and skills to integrate these innovative tools into your daily workflow. You’ll be amazed at how AI can transform your operations, making your processes more efficient and your decision-making more informed. Through real-world examples and hands-on practice, you’ll also learn to implement these technologies responsibly and ethically, ensuring a positive impact on your work and your organization.

Whether you're in marketing, HR, customer service, or project management, this course will show you how to use AI to streamline tasks, boost creativity, and enhance collaboration. Get ready to revolutionize your role and make a significant impact on your organization's success with next-level AI tools.

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Ready-Set-Go! Our responsive teaching style lets us drill down on what's most valuable to you and focus on your goals. We'll make sure you leave the course feeling confident and job-ready.

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