Understanding, Harnessing and Applying Generative AI in Business: A Practical Approach for Decision Makers and Architects (TTAI2102)

Harness the power of Generative AI to revolutionize decision-making, optimize project management, and enhance data security in your organization.

Online; Instructor-Led

Date & Hours

June 13;
10am - 6pm Eastern


Ernesto Lee

Trivera Technologies



Explore how to identify use cases, manage AI projects, and secure AI systems for your Projects or Enterprise.

"I'm a business professional eager to integrate Generative AI into our operations. How can learning about Generative AI from this course enhance our organizational strategy, prepare us for future trends, and improve our ability to implement AI-driven solutions?"  We have the answer!

Generative AI is at the cutting edge of transforming business operations in today's digital landscape. It empowers leaders and decision-makers like you to enhance strategic planning, streamline project management, and foster a forward-thinking culture. Think of Generative AI as a pivotal toolkit that strengthens your business's capabilities, from identifying valuable use cases to ensuring robust AI system security. With Generative AI, features like project lifecycle management, data handling, and AI model selection are not just technical tasks; they are strategic assets that redefine your approach to business growth and innovation.

Guided by our industry-expert instructors, you’ll learn to effectively harness these capabilities. This course delves into the practical aspects of Generative AI, ensuring you leave equipped with the knowledge and skills to integrate these advancements into your business strategy. You’ll be amazed at how Generative AI can transform your operations, making your processes more efficient and your decision-making more informed. Through real-world examples and hands-on practice, you’ll also learn to implement these technologies responsibly and ethically, ensuring a positive impact on your business and stakeholders.

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