Getting Started with Azure AI Boot Camp for Technical Users  (TTAI2333)

Transform Your Tech! Learn how to leverage Azure AI to enhance decision-making and innovate with advanced analytics and AI integration.

Online; Instructor-Led

Date & Hours

May 7 - 9;
10am - 6pm Eastern


Dr. Ernesto Lee, CIO

Trivera Technologies



Boost Your Business! Master Azure AI for chatbots, text analytics, and machine learning workflows.

"I'm a technical professional eager to explore Azure AI. How can learning about Azure AI's machine learning capabilities, data analytics, and cognitive services enhance our operations, refine our software solutions, and boost innovation?"  We have the answer!

Azure AI is leading the way in revolutionizing how organizations analyze data, automate processes, and enhance user interactions. By mastering these technologies, you can integrate AI into your projects more effectively, resulting in smarter systems and optimized operations. 

Throughout this hands-on course guided by our AI expert instructor, you will learn and work directly with tools like Azure Machine Learning for predictive modeling, Azure Cognitive Services for natural language processing, and Azure Bot Services for chatbot development. These skills will enable you to build applications that are not only functional but also adapt intelligently to user needs and organizational requirements, enhancing your decision-making capabilities and fostering innovation throughout your workplace.

Expert Guidance,
Real Results

Experience is Everything. Get real-time feedback and guidance throughout. Learn from our engaging Java experts in a fun, effective way. Gain the practice and confidence needed to apply your new skills right away.

Gain Valuable,
High-Impact Skills

Ready-Set-Go! Our responsive teaching style lets us drill down on what's most valuable to you and focus on your goals. We'll make sure you leave the course feeling confident and job-ready.

Great Tips, Resources &
EveryCourse Extras

We're in it for the Long Haul. Access rich resources, best practices guides, tip sheets and plenty of after-class practice activities to continue to build your skills. After class support with our live team is included.