Applied Python for Data Science & Engineering (TTPS4874)

Unlock the power of Python! Enhance your skills and tackle data analytics tasks with confidence!

Online; Instructor-Led

Date & Hours

4 day
June 24 - 27
10-6 Eastern


Mike Harley,
Trivera Technologies



Advanced your Python scripting skills and concepts, as well as the most important Python modules for working with data, from arrays, to statistics, to plotting results.

“As a scientist or engineer with limited practical programming experience, how can mastering Python for data science and engineering enhance my analytical capabilities, streamline my data processes, and drive operational efficiency?” We have the answer!

Python is at the forefront of advancing how professionals handle scientific and mathematical computing, enabling robust data analysis and visualization. By gaining proficiency in Python, you can implement its powerful features into your projects, leading to more efficient data manipulation and optimized performance.

During this immersive, hands-on Python programming course, guided by our expert instructors, you will delve into Python’s capabilities such as data manipulation with Pandas, advanced data visualization using Matplotlib, and numerical analysis with NumPy. These skills will allow you to build sophisticated data-driven solutions that are not only effective but also designed to adapt seamlessly to evolving scientific and engineering needs, ultimately enhancing your problem-solving skills and promoting innovation within your team.

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