Please work through the steps below as soon as possible, so we have time to assist you if need support.

Click the button below and add a personal email address.

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Please Attend: *Brief Live System Test*

  • There is a Live System Test session scheduled for Thursday March 28 (10:00 to 10:30 AM Eastern).
  • You’ll receive a calendar invite directly from WebEx for this test session.
  • Please stop by and live-test your lab environment access, WebEx audio and WebEx access, in real time, with our live tech team to assist if needed. It’s a quick verification.

Any technical / setup questions? Please reply or contact Support@triveratech.com for assistance.

Course: Advanced Python Programming (TTPS4804-GKJ)
Dates: April 2 - 5, 2024
Course Hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Eastern.
Please login at 7:45pm daily for a prompt 8:00 am start. 

Course Setup Action Items 

Step 1:
Test Connectivity to the Remote Lab Test Machine (for Hands-on Lab Access).

Please test from the machine and network from which the class is being taken from.
Important Connection Note: You may NOT be able to access the remote lab environment from a VPN or restricted network.

Please return to this page when done testing.

If you cannot reach the remote test labs, then optional things to try, include:
• Best Solution: If you can use a personal computer on a personal network, that is the best solution. We can send all the information needed      for the course to a personal email if requested by you. You can send your request to support@triveratech.com
• If you are testing from the JPMC VDI/VPN/JPMC Network and have access to Internet Explorer, you can try it. Chrome may not work.
• Disconnect from your VPN/VDI to see if you can connect
• Try from a Guest Wi-Fi or non-company network

Step 2:
WebEx Self-Test

Pre-Test your WebEx access and audio functionality.
1. Click the button below.
2. Insert NAME and preferred EMAIL address, the “join”

Please return to this page when done testing.